​​​​David Sprintzen

A Brief review of my involvement with the Ethical Society

Along with my wife, Alice, and our son, Daniel, I joined the Ethical Society in 1980 or 1981, and we have been members ever since. Daniel attended Sunday School for several years, and then taught in the Sunday School for four years before he left for college.

We have contributed our services for numerous activities, with Alice providing the art work for many of the Society’s events. We initiated the creation of the Our Times Coffeehouse in 1990, creating a volunteer committee initially drawing in members of the Society and of the Progressive Coalition. We have continued to oversee its operations ever since. 

I have spoken at Sunday Platforms of the Long Island Society on several occasions, as well as at the Bergen County, New York, Riverdale, and Westchester Societies, and most every year since 2008 have been a member of the Society’s Board of Directors.